Specialty Classes

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Our Semi-Private Classes (4-6 dogs) ensure that you and your pooch receive lots of one on one attention! Our staff are always there to lend a hand.


Stimulate your dog’s brain and teach them something new in our weekly Tricks Class! Taught by a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, this class will challenge you and your dog with natural enrichment suited to your dog’s breed. Wow your friends with a wide assortment of new tricks and behaviours, and earn your Do More With Your Dog Trick Dog Titles if you'd like! This is one of our most popular classes.

Every Other Tuesday @ 6pm

Cost: $180 + HST for 4 Classes or Membership Program Enrolment

Sport Fundamentals

Want to try something different with your dog? Learn about the exciting world of dog sports and the foundations of Agility, Rally and other sports in our Sports Fundamentals class

We'll safely introduce your dog to agility equipment (tunnels, jumps, weave poles, contacts), rally signs, and more. Most importantly, we'll teach you the basic skills needed to set your team up for success. 

Build a great bond with your dog through sports and wow everyone at the next Agility Fun Day.

Every Other Tuesday @ 6pm

Cost: $180 + HST for 4 Classes or Membership Program Enrolment

Meditation and Relaxation

Is your dog anxious, unsettled, and/or reactive? This class is specially designed for you! Help your dog learn the art of relaxation in our calm learning environment. Achieve a perfect down-stay even around distractions, build confidence around new dogs, and help improve your dog's separation anxiety. This hour long class takes place every other Wednesday, and is complete with techniques and tools for human and dog zen.


Cost: $50 + HST each 

Recall Class

Are you looking to tighten up your dog’s recall and prep them for some summer time off-leash fun? This class is for you!

This 4 week course will give you the skills to work with your dog’s recall on and off leash. We will be basing our program off of Susan Garrett’s Recaller Games to build solid foundation for quick and reliable response, every time. The course will take place both indoors at our Training Center and outside in the real world. 

Class Length: 4 Week Program

NEXT CLASS: Spring of 2024

Cost: $220+ HST

Loose Leash Walking Class

Over-excited, easily distracted, or reactive dog? Whether your walks outside have become unmanageable, or you are simply looking to brush up on some loose leash walking skills, this class is for you!

Learn the basics of body language, how to recognize if your dog is moving over-threshold, and how to get their attention back FAST. All games and exercises demonstrated are proven methods of success.

Class Length: 4 Week Program


Cost: $240+ HST

Scent Detection Clinic

Did you know that a dog’s ability to smell is their strongest sense? Unlike our measly 400, dogs have over one million scent receptors in their nose for interpreting the words around them! Dogs can determine the finest details with their nose, and because they use their brains to process all of these wonderful scents, this is also one of the most enriching activities for them to engage in. Scent work is a wonderful way to safely and effectively allow our dogs to engage in one of their most powerful drives, all while being apart of the process. Not only that, but the sport is all inclusive, meaning almost anyone and their dog can learn to do it! Scent training is also a great way to fulfill your dog’s physical and mental needs.

NEXT CLASS: Saturday February 24th, 2024 from 2-3:30pm

Cost: $60+ HST

JV Premium Membership

What does the JV Premium Membership Program get you? 

*Members have access to 6 classes per month

Cost: $250/month

Specialty Class Features


Dog Meditation and Relaxation

Sport Fundamentals

Clients who have been pre-approved to participate in our Drop-In Levels or Specialty Class programs can use the link below to access our convenient self-scheduling tool to sign-up for your desired class dates. Sign-ups are accepted continuously on a first-come, first-served basis, so we recommend choosing your classes as early as possible to secure your spot! 

Please Note: The self-scheduling tool is only intended for existing Drop-In class clients. If you are looking to get started in a Drop-In class program, please submit a Contact Us form to discuss program and registration details.