The Levels Program

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Our Semi-Private Classes (4-6 dogs) ensure that you and your pooch receive lots of one on one attention! Our staff are always there to lend a hand.

For a truly polished dog! The Levels Program is designed for dogs who have completed puppy class or have been pre-approved by the trainer. With the detailed guidance of our highly qualified staff, we work you and your dog through our levels program to reach your personal goals with your dog. Our classes use the key life skills needed to have a happy, well behaved canine.

Classes are ongoing and flexible, meaning you don't have to attend every week. You are welcome to "pay as you go" with the classes, or purchase a package of 4 classes and sign up for the dates you would like to attend. We spend the first half of the class doing a guided lesson where we really build on 2-3 key life skill behaviours, take a game break, and then spend the last 20 minutes or so on progress trackers. Once your dog is able to check everything off of their tracker then they will progress to the next Level.

Great for working around distractions!

Beginner Levels (Green/Orange)

  • Saturdays @ 11am

  • Thursdays @ 4:30pm

Intermediate Levels (Orange/Blue)

  • Saturdays @ 12:15pm

Advanced Levels (Yellow)

  • Tuesdays @ 7:15pm

Advanced Levels (Black)

  • Tuesdays @ 8:30pm

Outdoor Levels (Orange/Blue/Yellow/Black)

  • Saturdays @ 12:30pm

Cost: $180 + HST for a Package of 4 Classes


$260+ HST for 4 Classes + a One Hour Private Session (in home)

Skills covered:

  • Basics of Handling

  • Response and Recall

  • Instant Impulse Control

  • Sit, Down, and Leave It on Verbal Cue

  • Go To Your Spot on Cue

  • Polite Greetings

  • Loose Leash Walking around distractions

  • Fun new tricks

  • And more!

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JV Premium Membership

Currently not available to new clients

What does the JV Premium Membership Program get you?

  1. Access to our Levels Classes*

  • Work your way up the Obedience Levels from Green (Beginner) to Black (Advanced)

  • Multiple classes are offered each week to conveniently fit your schedule.

  • Levels are designed to expand on the key life skills your dog needs to maintain excellent manners, be a respectful and responsive companion, and build confidence in all situations.

  1. Your choice of 2 bi-weekly Specialty Classes: Sport Fundamentals or Tricks Class*

  • Want to try some agility with your dog? Learn some new brain stimulating tricks? Join one of our bi-weekly clubs and learn all of the foundations you need for Agility, test your skills in the Rally Obedience Ring, or earn your trick dog title!

  1. Priority Access to the Classes

  • Are you a dedicated dog owner? JV Premium Membership holders have top priority access to all classes, including the levels classes, Sport Fundamentals, and Tricks Class. Only limited spots are available.

  1. Free access to Office Hours and all Q&A Sessions-Have a particular question about your dog’s wellbeing and progress? The JV Premium Membership Program allows you free and unlimited access to any questions or concerns.

*Members have access to 6 classes per month

Cost: $250/month

Levels Program Wall of Fame

Beginner Levels

(Green and Orange)

Advanced Levels

(Blue, Yellow and Black)

Schedule and Class Sign Up

Clients who have been pre-approved to participate in our Drop-In Levels or Specialty Class programs can use the link below to access our convenient self-scheduling tool to sign-up for your desired class dates. Sign-ups are accepted continuously on a first-come, first-served basis, so we recommend choosing your classes as early as possible to secure your spot!

Please Note: The self-scheduling tool is only intended for existing Drop-In class clients. If you are looking to get started in a Drop-In class program, please submit a Contact Us form or fill out the Registration Form below to discuss program details and see if your dog would be a good fit.