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Check out our event and workshop offerings below! If you see a workshop you'd be interested in attending, contact us to register for upcoming events or be placed on the waiting list for the next offering.

Puppy Information Webinar

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! This webinar is designed to set you and your puppy up for success as you start your life and positive training journey. We'll explain training fundamentals, discuss common puppy problems like crate and potty training, and answer any questions you may have in this one-hour webinar. 

Recording Available 

Cost: $25 +HST or Free with Puppy Program Enrolment

Relaxation Webinar

This informational webinar will give you tips and techniques for building your dog's "off switch" and tap in to their truly relaxed side. You deserve to relax, and your dog does too!

We will be covering topic like:

What does true relaxation look like in your dog: getting to know the signs of self-regulation

Can your dog relax anywhere: teaching relaxation protocol and place training

The 3 "D's" of Down-Stay

To do or not to do: How to establish a routine with your dog that includes scheduled rest time

Troubleshooting for the high energy or anxious dog

Recording Available

Cost: $25

Polished Pooch: Loose Leash Walking Webinar

Over-excited, easily distracted, or reactive dog? Whether your walks outside have become unmanageable, or you are simply looking to brush up on some loose leash walking skills, this Webinar is for you!

This 4-step Information Webinar complete with how-to videos will teach you how to achieve that loose leash with your dog, even around distractions!


Cost: FREE

Cooperative Care- Intro to Positive Handling 

We have partnered with the WaPooch Spa in downtown Guelph to offer you and your dog a one-day course in preparation for grooming visits, vet visits, and basic handling! Learn how to build confidence and relaxation around strangers, and develop a wonderful association with basic handling and care.


Cost: $50 +HST

Agility Fun Days

Agility is a great activity for you and your dog! Come out to Pinetree Pet Resort and learn the obstacles and join in the fun. For dogs 15 months or older. We start teaching the basics of: jumps, tunnel, weave poles, contact confidence and more! Friendly competition at the end.

Available annually 

NEXT START DATE: Saturday September 7th 2024! To Register please fill out the form:

​Cost: $50 +HST

Leash Reactivity Practice Days

Is your dog reactive, frustrated, or overly excited by other dogs while on leash? Do you have a hard time getting your dog to focus on you while out on neighborhood walks? These clinics are specially designed for you! These outdoor practice days are here to help you and your dog enjoy your walks again rather than worry about the other dogs around. No completion of other classes necessary, but must be pre-approved by the trainer.


​Cost: $50 +HST

Meditation and Relaxation Clinic

Is your dog apprehensive, doesn't like to sit still, or easily excited? This class is specially designed for you! Help your dog learn how to relax and respond to you in our calm learning environment.

Achieve a perfect down-stay even around distractions, build confidence and impulse control around new dogs and people, and help improve your dog's overall "off" switch. This 1.5 hour long class is complete with techniques and tools for human and dog zen, including breathing techniques and body awareness.


Cost: $50