Online School

Welcome to the JV Training 'Train At Home' Online Program! 

These online courses are for anyone and everyone who owns a dog! Learn beginner level basics that are great for a new puppy, a new rescue dog, or your existing canine companion looking to brush up on your skills! We are here to provide you with the techniques and knowledge to work with your dog at home, where the training really matters.

Not happy with your dog’s leash walking? We can help. Is your dog easily distracted while out on the walk? We can help with that too!

Would you like a faster, more reliable recall? A more attentive dog in social situations? A better behaved dog at the door? Yes, yes, and yes.

All of the resources and step by step videos at the click of a button! Get started with our virtual training program today.

Please enjoy our Online Training Courses and watch your relationship grow!

Dog Training 101

Our Dog Training 101 Library serves as the foundation for your training journey and is included ABSOLUTELY FREE in all of our other courses. It covers all the essential techniques to establish clear communication and build a strong connection with your dog. 

The Relaxed Dog

Teach your dog the art of true relaxation and energy regulation in places where really matters.

Instant Impulse Control

Help your dog resist temptation and make better choices around food, household items, and family members.

The Polite Dog

Turn your dog into a polite, well-mannered companion out in public and at home!

Wonderful Walking

Say goodbye to chasing after your dog! Build a reliable recall and a dog who truly wants to be with you.

Radical Recall

Tired of being dragged around during walks? Teach your dog to walk calmly on a leash, making those daily strolls enjoyable for both of you.

The Enriched Dog

Ideas for canine enrichment and mental stimulation based on your dog's breed.

(coming soon)

Cooperative Care

Make vet visits and grooming sessions stress-free! Learn techniques to help your dog feel comfortable during handling, examinations, and grooming.

(coming soon)