Trick Class Information

Introduction to the Trick Program

  • The JV Training Trick Classes are based on the Do More With Your Dog (DMWYD) Trick Title Program. You can find more information about DMWYD here:

  • DMWYD trick titles are recognized by both the Canadian Kennel Club and American Kennel Club!

  • Tricks class is for all dogs! Young or old, big or small, there are tricks for them all!

  • In this class, you will work at your own pace to learn new tricks. Once you've demoed the trick, it will be checked off on your Trick Tracker.

  • In a typical class, we will work on a few specific skills for the first half of class and then have a game break and some free practice time.

  • When you collect the required number of points for a level, we will give you a certificate of achievement. Introduction to the levels below.

  • Erin is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, which means you can submit an application for an official title and fancy ribbon if desired! Details on how to do this below.

What Should I Bring to Tricks Class?

  • Lots of tiny tasty treats! Trick training requires many repetitions, which means we need lots of treats to reward our dogs.

  • A Clicker - Clickers are very useful for shaping precise behaviours and we will encourage you to use a clicker for many higher level tricks. If you're new to clicker training, not to worry, we'll get you started!

  • A favourite toy for break time!

  • Any props you need for particular tricks that you're working on at home.

  • Your Imagination! Have a trick you want to work on? Let Erin know and we can incorporate it into class!

JV Training Trick Tracker

The online version of the JV Training Trick tracker is updated periodically and shows your progress towards the different trick levels. When you successfully complete a level, we will give you a certificate of achievement.

Trick Information and Guides

If you need help understanding a trick or its criteria, please feel free to ask Erin in class or consult the resource below!

Free Trick Description Master Class

Do More With Your Dog also offers a FREE online Masterclass that has trick descriptions and examples for almost EVERY trick recognized for titles. You can enrol in the course here: DMWYD Trick Descriptions. It's a fantastic resource!

Trick Level Descriptions:

Regular Trick Titles

Novice (NTD) - Earn 15 points from tricks of any levels. Advanced and expert tricks count as 2 points.

Intermediate (ITD) - Earn 12 points from intermediate or higher level tricks. Advanced and expert tricks count as 2 points.

Advanced (ATD) - Earn 5 points from advanced or higher level tricks.

Expert (ETD) - Earn 5 points form expert level tricks.

Master Trick Titles

Novice Masters (NTD-M) - Earn 30 points from novice level tricks only.

Intermediate Masters (ITD-M) - Earn 20 points from intermediate level tricks only.

Advanced Masters (ATD-M) - Earn 10 points from advanced level tricks only.

Expert Masters (ETD-M) - Earn 10 points from expert level tricks only.

Championship Titles

Trick Dog Champion (TDCH) - Handlers choose from a variety of tricks to demonstrate the core skills needed for trick training (coordination, mouth target, nose target, paw target, scent, distance work, silent cues and behaviour chains) as well as demonstrate 5 of their best expert tricks. The TDCH title requires teams to film and submit a video to the DMWYD staff trainers as it is a prestigious title that has very specific requirements. We can help film videos in class if you're working towards this one!

Trick Dog Grand Champion (TDGCH) - The best of the best! The TDGCH title tests even more trick skills including: subtle cues, delayed rewards, distance work (A to B marks), placing an object and precision tricks. You also have to perform 10 expert level tricks. The TDGCH, like the TDCH, must be filmed and submitted to DMWYD for assessment.

How Do I Submit a Trick Title Application?

Earning official trick titles requires that an application is submitted to DMWYD (at an additional cost). This is completely optional, we will continue to provide you with an unofficial certificate of recognition when you complete the requirements for a level if you're not interested in the official title and ribbon! However, if you do want the official title, the steps are as follows:

  1. Complete tricks to earn the required number of points for a given trick level. You can re-use higher level tricks (e.g., play dead would count as a 2 point trick for Novice, 2 points for Intermediate, and 1 point for Advanced for the regular titles). Master titles require the points to be earned only from tricks of a specific level. However, you do have to submit the previous levels before earning a higher one, in other words, you can't skip levels (e.g., can't do Advanced without submitting Intermediate first).

  2. Fill out an application on the DMWYD website. Fill out an application for the desired title option (additional cost). In the "CTDI Instructor" box write Erin Massender and fill in the date that the last trick was completed (okay to guess).

  3. DMWYD confirms title requirements were completed with CTDI.

  4. Title is approved and PDF of the title certificate is emailed to the owner. If you ordered a print certificate and ribbon it will be shipped out and you can wait for your mail!

Trick Title Examples

Here are some videos of demo dog Remi, from puppy tricks for the Novice Trick Dog Title all the way to the top with the Trick Dog Grand Championship!

DMWYD allows tricks to be filmed and evaluated virtually or in person. If you have some tricks that you've been working on at home, feel free to send us a video and we will add them to your trick tracker!