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Pre-Packaged JV Training Boxes

Choose between 3 different packaged options! Each box also includes FREE resources including Leash Walking Tips, Freedom Harness Tutorial, Enrichment Ideas, Socializtion Tracker, Reliable Recall Tips, and more.

The Basic JV Box

Just starting out


-Small bag of Purebites Liver treats


-Basic treat tote 

-Small toy

-Bandana OR Small Cookie

$35 + HST

The Complete Package JV Box 

Regsitered for a class or private sessions


-Small bag of Purebites Liver treats

-Rollover chub


-Basic treat tote

-Enrichment toy (Kong, rope toy, or treat ball)

-Freedom Harness and leash 

-Bandana OR Small Cookie

$99 + HST (best value)

The Dog Savvy Extreme JV Box

For the super invested


-Small bag of Purebites Liver 

-Rollover chub


-Be One Breed adjustable Treat Pouch

-Freedom Harness and Leash

-15 foot Recall Line 

-Large toy (Kong, rope toy, Cheese Chew, etc) 

-Enrichment toy (Tricky Treat Ball, Kong Wobbler, or Smal Snuffle Mat)

-Fancy Bandana or Large Cookie

$175+ HST

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