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82 Woodlawn Rd W.

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Offering Services in Guelph, Ontario and surrounding areas!

"My goal as a trainer is to create a harmonious relationship between owner and dog, keeping alive that spark that makes your dog so special to you."

- Julia Volkov, Owner

"Your dog can only do the best they can with the education we have given them, in the environment we are asking them to perform it in." -Susan Garrett


COVID Update

  • The JV Training team continues to follow all practices to protect ourselves and our clients from the spread of COVID-19, including physical distancing, masks, vaccinations and thorough sanitation protocols.

January 2022


  • JV Training has MOVED to a 2000sq/ft building in the North End of Guelph! We are SO EXCITED to open at our new location, 82 Woodlawn Rd W.

Not only that, but we are partnering with Kristen Smith of Smith Canine Academy to also offer Day Boarding, and Day Training Programs for your dog! To inquire about Day Training Programs, please check out Kristen's website:

June 2022

  • We have a few spots left in our next round of Junior and Senior Puppy Classes starting on June 15th and 16th! To register for a class, click here.

Introducing the Recaller’s Class!

This June we are introducing our first ever class dedicated only to recall! This 4 week course will give you the skills to work with your dog’s recall on and off leash. We will be basing our program off of Susan Garrett’s Recaller Games to build solid foundation for quick and reliable response, every time. The course will take place both indoors at our Training Center and outside in the real world. For more info, please click here.

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Private Training

Experiencing behavioural problems or looking to resolve something specific with your dog? Book a one on one assessment and session in the comfort of your own home, or in our spacious training facility! Training packages available.

Day Training

Need a little extra help with your dog's leash walking skills and distraction training? Day Training Programs now available! Choose between 30 minute or 45 minute training walks, once, twice, or three times a week.

Group Classes

Give your new puppy the start they deserve with our basic manners, obedience and socialization classes. Or expand your skills through our beginner and advanced Obedience Levels program, and fun specialty classes!

Training Tip of the Week

Having Fun with your Recall

Sometimes a game is a fun way to teach or practice a behaviour with your dog, compared to a defined “training session.” Wanting to get some more work in on your dog’s recall? Play hide and seek in the house with another human friend. Have one friend hold your dog, while the other goes to another part of the house. Signal when you’re ready and release the dog to come find you, then call your pup back to the first person. Practicing this back and forth motion with a reward at each end will help your dog realize its FUN to run to my humans and there’s usually a treat waiting for me when I get there.

Student Spotlight

As in person classes have begin to re-open, we have had the chance to meet some glorious new faces. Look who dove head first in to JV Training’s Level's Program and rocked it! Our Spotlight this week goes to the very talented Lalique the Silken Windhound, who has been flying through her skills and activities. We're so happy to have you with us!