​Grades 1 & 2 

Expand on your puppy or adult dog's existing knowledge with more advanced obedience.

Experiencing behavioural problems or looking to resolve something specific with your dog? Book a one on one assessment and session in the comfort of your own home, or in our spacious training facility! Training packages available.

Give your new puppy the start they deserve with our basic manners, obedience and socialization classes, or expand your skills through our Advanced Obedience programs, Leash Reactivity, and Sport class!

​Leash Reactivity

Enjoy your walks again with this confidence building on-leash class.


Need someone to come and provide training and exercise for your dog while you are at work? Day Training Programs now available! Choose between 30 minute or 45 minute training walks, once, twice, or three times a week.

​Dog Sport Fundamentals 

Looking for a new and exciting activity for your dog? This class is for you!

Classes Offered 

​Beginner Puppy

For pups 8-18 weeks of age. Includes basic obedience, manners, and socialization.  


Professional Dog Training

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​"My goal as a trainer is to create a harmonious relationship between owner and dog, keeping alive that spark that makes your dog so special to you." -Julia (Owner)

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