Thursdays @ 6pm 

​NEXT START DATE: Thurs. Sept 5th


Saturdays @ 11am (Ongoing)


Adult Obedience

Confidence Class: Leash Reactivity

What is "socialization" and why is it important?

Socialization means learning to be apart of human society, a society that many dogs find bizarre without proper acclimation. Without puppy class your pup will never become truly socialized to the world around them. There is a big difference between "socialization" and "exposure," and our aim is to make sure your pup receives wholesome, positive based experiences that set them up for the real world. 

Our Semi-Private Classes (3-4 dogs) ensure that you and your pooch receive lots of one on one attention! Our staff are always there to lend a hand.

For dogs who have completed Beginner Puppy or have been pre-approved by the trainer.

Expanding on skills learned in Beginner Puppy, this 6 week class is designed to test your dog’s knowledge and response to you! We cover more advanced exercises with emphasis on loose leash walking, recall, go to your spot, longer down stays, advanced “leave it,” games, and more.  

Office Hours: Saturdays between 12pm-4pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Come check out the training facility and ask us any questions you may have!

Is your dog reactive, frustrated, or overly excited by other dogs while on leash? Do you have a hard time getting your dog to focus on you while out on neighborhood walks? This class is specially designed for you! This 6 week program is here to help you and your dog enjoy your walks again rather than worry about the other dogs around. No completion of other classes necessary, but must be pre-approved by the trainer.

A smaller class designed to test your skills in either the basics of Agility or Rally Obedience. Dogs can join in at any time. 

​Please contact your trainer to check availability and openings

Beginner Agility​

Grade 1

Wednesdays @ 6PM and Saturdays @ 12:30PM


Want to give your new addition the positive start they deserve? Enroll in puppy class! This 6 week puppy program is designed for puppies between the ages 8-18 weeks, and includes the basics of obedience and puppy socialization. Our small class sizes ensures that you and your pup will receive lots of one on one attention throughout the course. 



Available twice a year. NEXT START DATE: TBA


For a truly polished dog! This class is for dogs who have completed Grade 1 or have been pre-approved by the trainer. This class focuses on more than just the fundamentals and is designed as a “go at your own pace” program. Emphasis on off-leash prep, beginner Rally Obedience maneuvers, and advanced tricks. 

Please contact trainer to check availability and openings.

Professional Dog Training

Beginner Puppy

Thursdays @ 7:15pm (Ongoing)


Dog Sport Fundamentals


Dog Devotion Membership


Includes unlimited access to our two weekly "drop-in" style classes: 

Adult Obedience and Sport Fundamentals


Free Admission to any JV Training seminars or events at the training Hall

​*3 month minimum purchase

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This 6 week program of entry level Agility is a great activity for you and your dog! Come in and learn the obstacles and join in the fun. For dogs 15 months or older.
We learn:
weave poles

and more!

JV Training